The Drug Problem

Recently, there has been an obvious shift in how we view health care. A few decades ago, there was just a blanket acceptance that drugs and surgery would solve all our health problems. Through numerous surveys and studies in the last ten years, a growing percentage of the population is leaning toward more natural forms of health care, rather than having to deal with a life of drugs and surgery.

Prescription Drugs and Prevention

In 1990, Harvard Medical School calculated that there were 388 million visits to medical doctors and 426 million visits to natural health practitioners in the United States. In 1997 they calculated 386 million visits to medical doctors and 686 million visits to natural health practitioners. The obvious trend is that people are looking for more natural approaches than medicine.

There is widespread acknowledgment that there are more adverse effects from drugs than ever before, and it scares people. Through research, we now know that the fourth leading cause of death in our society is prescription medication. Some newer research argues that it is actually number three. In the US, researchers maintain that the number of deaths as a direct result of medication is over 40,000 people a year.

Crisis Care System

Every day I see people who either don’t want to begin a drug regime, or who realize it is in their best interest to change their health in a natural way. When they stop taking the drugs they have been on for a long period of time, many of the side affects that have been plaguing them are alleviated.

In our health care system, medicine shines because of a crisis care mentality. Our doctors are the best at saving lives for those who have severe health crises. Advancements in health care, as a result of the billions of dollars spent on research, have shown that medicine is great for crises situations, however not very effective for long-term health.

From Drugs to Chiropractic

Chiropractic is the leading natural health care profession worldwide, educating people on how to have a natural and healthy existence from the moment of birth to the day they leave this world. The more we use natural approaches to build the strength of our bodies, the less we will find ourselves in crisis care situations.

Your Health Care – Is It Healthy For You?

More and more people are questioning the current health care system and pointing out ways it doesn’t work. The top topics they mention usually have to do with its accessibility or its expense. Turn on any media at any time of the day or night and you’re likely to hear a lively debate about insurance companies, monthly payments and benefits.

But are these even the right questions? Shouldn’t the top question be,

“Is our health care system healthy for us?”

Consider these facts about properly prescribed pharmaceuticals:

· in the U.S. in 2011 doctors wrote 4.2 billion prescriptions – a little more than one per month for every man, woman and child;

· 100,000 people die from adverse drug reactions each year;

· another 200,000 per year are seriously injured from adverse reactions;

· more than 4,000 people every day are admitted to hospitals due to adverse drug reactions;

· properly prescribed pharmaceuticals are the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S.; when improperly prescribed pharmaceuticals are added, they rise to the third leading cause of death after heart attacks and cancer;

· more that 50% of all medicines are not correctly prescribed, dispensed and sold;

· 68 million prescriptions each year contain some sort of error.

These statistics are directly about a system whose express purpose for existing is to deliver health care. Yet the people who became part of these statistics took their lives in their hands. Should accessing health care as it is now delivered actually be considered risky behavior? What is real health care, anyway?

As more people ask these questions, they are finding answers that work for them. Perhaps this is why the organic food market is so robust and growing every day, and why more people consult ‘alternative practitioners’ such as herbalists, naturopaths, homeopaths, clinical nutritionists etc. when they have a health issue they want to resolve. They are looking for more than symptom suppression; they want to address causes. They are embracing evidence-based medicine (in other words, what works) rather than medical treatments based on a standard of practice set from double-blind, placebo-controlled research that can often take many years to complete – and many more years to change once established.

The evidence-based approach collects information about what actually works in the clinical setting with actual people (rather than laboratory rats, for example). It is based on the fact that each element – each specific detail of what works for each person is part of a whole. For example, a headache and an infected, ingrown toenail, say, are seen as part and parcel of the same person, not two different and unrelated phenomena that should be addressed by two separate specialists, who probably don’t even talk to each other.

The current medical care delivery system parcels out areas of specialty that can result in the consumer receiving recommendations and treatments that actually operate at cross purposes to each other, and then, more often than not, simply suppress or manage a symptom rather than addressing their cause(s).

It’s for these reasons that more people are concluding that the Western medical approach as it’s currently constructed, is not a health care delivery system – instead it is a disease-management system.

They are finding out that no insurance plan or medical benefit package is going to provide real health care. To receive that, they are stepping outside the system to consult practitioners who use a holistic, evidence-based approach.

Health Care System Or Sick Care System?

Just in case you planned to exercise your freedom of choice and want out of this broken down system of drugs-and-surgery sick care insurance, lawmakers have blocked the exit. They’ve built in enormous financial punishments for people who decline to buy sick-care insurance. Hence, people who really take forethought of their health and require no health insurance can be handled as crooks and pushed to pay fines to an industry they don’t defend nor want.

If we simply had an honorable health care system centered on nutrition, disease prevention and patient education, Instead, we possess a system focused on medication, radiation, vaccines and chemo that not only ruin human health, but also damage the environment at the same time (where do you think all of those meds go when they get flushed down the drain?). Personally, for me to financially back such a system would be a infringement of my allegiance to preserving human health and Mother Nature.

Our sick-care system is beyond broke to fix. It’s time to stop flirting around the edge of an answer and get honest about what it would require to create health and stop disease. That will mean a huge repair of our sick-care system, and it will anger a lot of powerful corporations whose profits depend totally on the expansion of disease. The intention of the sick-care system is to feed corporations, it’s not to make you well. Here is your wake-up “smell the coffee” call, there is too much money to be made in sickness.

It is insanity to try to fix a broken system by aggressively expanding that system so that it harms a far larger group of people. You can’t slap a Band-Aid on this problem and call it resolved. You have to reform this from the inside out. But thanks to the influence of corporate money on lawmakers and politicians, there is simply no political will in this current administration to pursue meaningful reform.

So what does this all mean? It’s time to be proactive with our own health. The money you can save each year by not buying health insurance can be used to buy can be used to buy organic foods, supplements and health products, a juicer, to keep you healthy, both mentally and physically.

A gun-in-your-face sick-care system that forces people to pay money into a broken system of corrupt, criminally-operated medical scams like psychiatric medications or even mammograms, which have been proven to actually cause far more cancers than they prevent, is not in your best interest. Laetrile works in fighting cancer, yet if you want laetrile therapy you will have to outside the country. If a parent seeks the alternative other than chemo or radiation treatments for cancer, they will be regarded as criminal.

United States is a great nation, and freedom is at the core. A lot of blood has been shed for this freedom, just thinking we deserve the right to choose.